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Apocalypse Series
Now, renamed "Never Again," this series was a life-long pursuit in dealing with her memories from surviving the Holocaust and World War II. This includes the sub-series entitled Shoah.

Her last work before she died of cancer, this is some of the most expressionistic of all her travel-inspired work.

Bio Series
Perhaps one of Chris' most profound collections, her explorations into the issues and meanings of her daughter's explorations on the edge of known bioscience are visions of a world we cannot otherwise see.

Window Series
Whether windows into the world or into our souls, these works explore more than mere perception.

The Ancient Mariner
At once, an ancient theme as well as a contemporary vision. Chris returned to this theme continually throughout her career.

California Spaces
California has always been more than merely a home for Chris, it is an inspiration to her spirit.

Force de la Mer
The water always held special fascination for Chris and this series allowed her to express the force of the ocean.

Argosy Series

DRAM Series
This small series was an exploration into the technology that not only changed Silicon Velley (where she lived) but thw world as well.

Travel Series
Whether Hawaii, Tuscany, or Greece, Chris' travels have always been a source of exploration, both personally and artistically.

These are works in several styles inspired by her trips to Greece.

Both series from 1988 are available for purchase.

Allegory Series

Aurora Series
Between space, time, and the orgins of humanity, Chris has always been interested in how we relate and construct our understanding of our universe.

Early Works
Selected paintings and drawings from Chris' education and early explorations.

The Byte Family
These whimsical constructions were Chris' view of the technology professionals she lived and worked around in Silicon Valley.

Miscellaneous Work
These are works from minor series or that fit no series.

Textile Designs
Just a few of Chris' textiles from her early career in New York City as a textile designer. These include designs which have recently been revived and are available for purchase as well as paintings that reflect on these times.


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